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Must Have Web Development Tools for 2019

Every web developer needs some useful web development tools to complete their task and learn new skills. These tools help developers to write manageable, clean, and secure applications or websites.

In this blog post, I will do my best to describe these tools that one of them can help you to build superior and user-friendly web interfaces with responsiveness and other tools can help you to create compelling mobile apps.

If you are not familiar with these tools yet then, please go through all over this post and read to know something about those web development tools.

Let’s start.

1. TypeScript

typescript tool for web development

TypeScript is an object-oriented programming language that is developed and maintained by Microsoft. It is the most readable, and static type programming language.

You can debug your code efficiently and fast because of TypeScript show you any errors and warnings without running your application that can save your lot of time.

It comes with Intellisense that means whenever you write code it gives you code completion hints.

2. Sass

typescript tool for web developers

It is the CSS preprocessor to write clean and maintainable CSS for your projects. Sass is not working directly in your browser like regular CSS.

Then how Sass run, we will need to compile it first in our regular CSS, and after assembling it, your browser will understand Sass and then after the browser can show you results.

You can compile it into CSS by using the command line. Like, if you have a file style.scss and now you want to organize it in a standard.css file then, you can do this by using this command sass style.scss standard.css.

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Where style.scss is your Sass file and standard.css is your regular CSS file.

3. Vue

tool for web development

Vue.js is an open source Javascript framework for developing web applications like other Javascript frameworks React.js and Ember.js.

It is a very light-weight framework, and you can say that Vue.js is smaller than others, that means fast loading time, easy to download, and understandable.

A beginner level programmer also can develop their own applications with less experience of coding by using Vue.js because it provides you much clear documentation of this framework.

Vue.js is completely components based Javascript framework, and it gives you the opportunity to reconstruct the pre-existing applications that have developed by using Javascript also.

4. Nginx

nginx web server tool

Like Apache web server, Nginx is also an open source web server that can let you handled multi-tasks in a single thread.

It is a much quick server for web serving, invert proxying, storing data, load balancing, media streaming, and more.

Nginx has written in C programming language by Kernighan and Ritchie. After comparing the Apache web server and Nginx, developers found that Nginx is much faster than Apache web server.

5. Node – One of the best tools for web development

node js tool

Node.js is one of the most popular web development tools for you in 2019. It is an open source platform built on Google Chrome’s Javascript runtime for building scalable web applications.

You can run it on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac Os X. Javascript is the primary language of Node.js to create web applications.

If you are an expert in Javascript language then, Node.js can become your best tool to develop useful web applications.

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6. React

react for web applications

If, am I right, all you will already heard many times about React because it is the most famous component-based library for building user interfaces.

React is developed by Jordan Walke, and right now it is maintained by Facebook. In React, you can create your unique UI components to build impressive applications.

Once you create your personalized UI components, then React gives you the power to reuse these components anywhere in your application.

By using React, You can create single page web applications, and if you want to build mobile apps then, you should use React Native.

Because React and React Native are two different things where React is mostly used for websites while React Native is used for mobile application.

7. Grunt

javascript tool for task runner

If you want to perform some tasks automatically like minification, unit testing, and other lots of things then, you can use Grunt tool.

Grunt is a Javascript task runner built on Node.js, and if you try to run Grunt from any directory then, you should install Grunt’s command line interface (CLI) globally.

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It can help you to perform repetitive tasks without any extra efforts.

8. Bootstrap – Best web design tool

bootstarp for web design

Bootstrap is one of the most popular CSS frameworks that can help you to design mobile friendly websites easily.

It provides you built-in components such as Forms, Carousel, Cards, Dropdowns, Navbar, Breadcrumbs, input groups, and alerts to speed up your website building process.

You can use Bootstraps row and columns to design complex web pages easily. Row and columns help you to break or divide your web page according to your design.


I hope you will like this list of web development tools for 2019. You can use these tools to optimize your development work.

I assure you that some of these tools will definitely help you to improve your software code and able you to reuse your existing code in your other projects.

Please share this with your friends. It will encourage me to write more helpful content for you.

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