chrome extensions for developers

Chrome Extensions for Developers and Designers

Some chrome extensions help you to complete a task without any extra efforts within the chrome browser.

These extensions help you to boost your productivity as a programmer and web designer or graphic designer.

By using these extensions, you will be able to take snippets of your favorite part of a web page, enable dark mode whenever you want, pick the color of any element within a web page and even you can check javascript errors without opening console.

So let’s take a look at these extensions.

1. Midnight Lizard

chrome extensions for developers and designers

Most of the programmers love dark theme code editors because of when you use dark theme during your working hours then, it helps you to work some more hours without affecting your eyes.

You will surely like chrome as a dark theme browser. If you use Midnight Lizard extension then, you can switch between multiple color mode options like dark, light, grayscale.

By using this extension, you can change the existing color schemes, or you can create your own.

If you want that this extension is activated or deactivated automatically then, you need to set a timer for automatic activation or deactivation of Midnight Lizard.

For more info or features of this extension, you can visit the chrome web store.

2. Evernote Web Clipper Clipper

chrome extensions for developers

Sometimes you need to remember things that you find over the internet that can help you someday.

Now you don’t need to remember website address, useful paragraphs of web pages and no need to save screenshots in computer because of Clipper extension do these works for you.

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Clipper extension is available for both your desktop or mobile devices. After installing this extension and creating an account, you can clip anything that you want, bookmark, create a to-do list, and you can access these clips or bookmarks anywhere.

You can see tons of useful features of Clipper extension on web store.

3. Wappalyzer

chrome extensions for programmers

Do you want to check that the website you are currently browsing is made by which technology? If yes, then, you no need to visit a website to check it’s language or cms.

Wappalyzer provides you that information in direct in your browser.

You can check that the current website is which web server, CSS framework, and many other things like Operating System, JavaScript Libraries, Programming Language are using.

4. JSONView

Whenever you work with REST APIs, you need to validate the server’s response as valid JSON format data.

Now you can validate JSON data within your Chrome browser by using JSONView extension.

5. Octotree

chrome extensions for web developers

It’s apparent for you to exploring project when that project folder is available in tree format.

So, Octotree helps you to explore projects in a format looks like your code editors project structure on GitHub.

This extension is good enough for you if you use GitHub most in during your working hours because you don’t need to download the whole project every time to check little things.

6. Web Developer

web developer extensions

Web Developer is one of the best chrome extensions for developers with this extension you can do much more things that you can’t think.

If you don’t like notifications and popups on any sites then, you must try the Web Developer extension because of this extension helps you to disable these elements from a specific website.

Even you can disable javascript of any specific web page, or you can check which image have not alt tags.

You can do more better things with this extension and save your money of time by using its advanced features.

7. Javascript Error Notifier

If you feel annoying to open google chrome’s console every time to debug your javascript code and are you searching an alternative of chrome’s console then, you will love Javascript Error Notifier extension to check little errors.

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Whenever you test your web page in chrome browser and if your page has some javascript errors then, this extension will indicate you in the top right after search bar in your browser.

If your page has errors then, the error indicator icon will convert into red, and if no errors detected in your page later, it will persist as it is.

Some Best Chrome Extensions For Designers

1. ColorZilla


ColorZilla is an outstanding chrome extension for graphic designer and web designers. You can pick color’s from a web page of every single pixel, and if you need gradient color for your new graphics project then, you can instantly generate cool gradient colors without any further delay.

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This extension provides you a color picker tool like any other advanced graphics design software like Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

You can pick colors of Flash Objects and Hoverable elements of a web page.

If you don’t like several extensions to choose colors from a website then, you can do like this to pick color from a web page, first of all, browse a web page from where you want to choose a color then, do inspect element that page and on the right-hand side in style editor type color: hex code.

Now if you click on the square box front of color then, you can see that chrome’s color picker is enabled and now you can choose a color from a web page without any third party extension.

2. WhatFont


Do you fall in love with fonts when you visit a website? If you are a graphic designer then, this is assuredly possible.

WhatFont extension is best for you to identify any fonts without inspecting element that web page.

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Whenever you visit a web page and if you like that site’s fonts you then, you only need to hover on that font, and WhatFont extension will show you that font name with other additional details like font-weight, font-size, font-style, and color.

3. Dimensions

If you want to measure dimensions between two elements of a web page then, Dimensions extension will help you a lot.

It’s a perfect time-saving chrome extension for graphic designers who design web layouts or other designs.

You can measure everything of a web page like Buttons, Images, Input-fields, and many other elements.


These are the some best Chrome extensions for developers and designer in my opinion.

If you like this list then, please do share this post with your friends and your social media platforms.

These extensions will help you to improve your working speed but, everything has some pro or cons, and these extensions also have some.

Those extensions can slow your chrome browser because chrome already uses extra ram than other browsers.

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