top 10 programming languages of 2019

Top 10 programming Languages of 2019

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Welcome back with a different blog post of Top 10 programming languages of 2019. Everyone wants to know which language is the best one in 2019 to learn and prepare a suitable job.

I know you are a bit confused because you are unable to decide which programming language is best for you in 2019.

However, I hope, after you read this blog post, you are able to choose your desired programming language which is easier to learn for you in 2019.

Before 2017, you would find that the number one language was Java and nearly 2017 Java had lost their number one ranking then after, Python became the most popular and number one programming language.

Let’s start

1. Python

python programming language in 2019

The number one language in our listing of top 10 programming languages is Python. Python has become a pretty famous programming language these days.

If you want to dive into AI (Artificial Intelligence) and MI (Machine Learning), then Python is the best language for you to learn in 2019.

It can be your first programming language too because Python is the pretty simple and straight forward syntax.

What is Python used for?

You can build both desktop and web applications or do data analysis and visualization using python language.
If you want to know more about python language you can read my other blog post Why should you learn python in 2019?

Salary of Python developer in 2019.

Salary of a Python developer is $112,484/year in 2019 in the United States as per the survey of ZipRecruiter.

2. Java

java programming language in 2019

In our series of top 10 programming languages Java is a general-purpose computer-programming language moreover it was developed on 23 January 1996 by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems.

If you want to develop cross-platform software, then you must use Java. You can develop an android app using the Java programming language. More than 3 billion devices run by Java language support.

Salary of Java developer in 2019.

As the survey of ZipRecruiter, a Java developer can earn more than $104,553/year in the United States as for March 2019.

So let’s talk about the salary of a Java developer in India in 2019. According to the Glassdoor survey, the average salary of a Bangalore based Java developer is ₹425,300/yr

3. Javascript – programming language for front-end development

javascript programming language in 2019

Javascript is a client-side programming language. it is an extremely popular scripting language. It is case-sensitive and one of the very easiest language to learn as your first programming language. By using Javascript you can draw HTML 5 canvas, plus you can build web games.

Top 5 Javascript Games.

  1. HexGL
  2. Sketchout
  3. Gods will be watching
  4. A Dark Room
  5. Tag Pro

If you want to make cross-platform applications using Javascript then, the meteor is a platform that gives you the ability to build iOS, Android and Web Apps with same Javascript code.

But you can’t develop native apps doing Javascript. You can only build Hybrid (An app that is developed by the help of HTML, CSS, and Javascript then wrapped into the native application using Cordova platforms) and Web apps.

Salary of Javascript developer in 2019.

The survey of ZipRecruiter let us shows that the average salary of a Javascript developer is more than $105,349/year in the United States as for March 2019 and in India, a Javascript developer can earn ₹ 4,22,976 per year as the survey of Indeed the world’s No. 1 job site with over 25 crore unique visitors every month.

4. Kotlin – programming language for Android Apps

kotlin programming language in 2019

The number 4 language in our listing of top 10 programming languages is Kotlin. According to Android’s official website, Kotlin has now declared the first language for Android App development.

If you want to become an Android Developer then you should learn Kotlin. I know you can design an android app using Java language but in my opinion, you should try to learn Kotlin once.

Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type inference. In Kotlin, you would write smaller code than Java language. You could write 20% less code in Kotlin.

Salary of Kotlin developer in 2019.

The latest survey of ZipRecruiter shows us that an Android developer can earn $109,149/year in the United States as for March 2019.

If we talk about the salary in India of an Android developer in 2019 then it can be as much as ₹360,000/yr as the 2019 survey of Glassdoor.

5. PHP – programming language for backend development

php programming language in 2019

If you want to be a backend developer in 2019 than PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the best and easy language for you to learn in 2019. You can say PHP is one of the best server-side scripting languages like node.js, Java, Ruby, and Python. WordPress is the world’s most popular cms that have written in the PHP language.

Salary of PHP developer in 2019.

As for March 2019, the annual salary of a PHP developer in the USA is $83,757 according to the survey of ZipRecruiter the best hiring platform for employers and job seekers.

A PHP developer can earn more than ₹405,060/yr in India in 2019 as a survey of Glassdoor.

6. Swift – programming language for iOS apps

swift programming language in 2019

Are you interested to create software for Apple? if yes, then our top 10 programming languages series Swift is a better option for you to learn in 2019. After developing Swift skills, you can create Apple software for the iPhone and iPad. It’s also good for other Apple products Like Apple Watches and other gadgets.

Salary of Swift developer in 2019.

Salary of an iOS Developer in India in 2019 is ₹446,880/yr according to Glassdoor, one of the world’s biggest job and recruiting site.
So I hope Swift is a better option for you to develop new skills in 2019.

7. Go

golang programming language in 2019

The number 7 language in our listing of top 10 programming languages is Golang. Go is an open source programming language launched in 2009.
It was developed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google in 2007.

Go is a statically typed & compiled language that is much faster and more memory efficient than Python in execution time.

Its syntax is very similar to C language and it is very easy to learn. Golang is best for you if you are planning to build Web Services.

8. Ruby

In our listing of top 10 programming languages at number 8 is Ruby. Ruby is a language for Web Applications because of the Ruby on Rails framework. Its encourages functional-style programming and lets you code faster.

It was designed to streamline the tasks typically involved in programming for the web, that is, dynamically generating web pages, accessing databases, and retrieving information from the web server and the user’s browser.

Top programming languages for video game development.

1. C++

Are you like to play video games?
If yes, then you would definitely want to know, how video games are developed and which languages are used to create a video game.
C++ is the best programming language to develop a video game.

Top 3 games that are created using C++

  1. One of the most famous FPS (First Person Shooter) game Counter-Strike created using C++ language.
  2. World of Warcraft
  3. StarCraft

2. C#

If we talk about the world’s leading game engines, Unity is the most attractive world’s leading real-time game engine. If you want to try your luck in the gaming industry than, C# is the best option for you in 2019 because you can write the script/code in Unity game engine if you have C# skills.

Some other game engines that used C#

  1. Wave Engine
  2. Xenko Game Engine
  3. Unity3D
  4. FlatRedBall – 2D Game Engine


So in this blog post, I explained you to top 10 programming languages of 2019. I assumed that now you are ready to pick a programming language to learn in 2019.

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