how to install xampp server

How to install xampp server in windows 10


Hello friends, Welcome to my new post How to install xampp server in windows 10.

Before we get started I will introduce you what is xampp server. So basically XAMPP stands for Cross-Platform (X), Apache (A), MariaDB (M) (formerly MYSQL), PHP (P) and Perl (P).

You can install it without any problem. and also it is very easy to use software. Once you have installed it, You can use it immediately without any knowledge.

So without any time waste let’s walk through you How to install xampp server. If you want to know more about xampp please visit Apache friend’s website.

What we cover in this session

  1. How to install xampp server.
  2. How to start xampp server.

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Let’s dive into first step

Step 1 – Setup Xampp server on your local machine

I assume that you have already downloaded xampp server. If you not downloaded xampp server yet please download xampp server first.

Run the xampp installer.  A setup wizard open up looks like below image. Click on next

So after that, the setup wizard asked you to select components which you want to install. You can unchecked any components which you don’t want to install.

Choose a location where you want to install xampp server. and click on next multiple times and now your xampp installation start. wait some time.

If you are follow above steps carefully. xampp server will be installed successfully on your computer. Now run xampp server and start Apache and MySQL from xampp server and close it.

Navigate the xampp installation directory which you choose during setup process. open xampp > htdocs and paste your PHP project into htdocs folder.

Open your browser and type following url localhost/your website folder name in your browser’s url window and press enter.

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