how to install wordpress theme in 2019

How to install a theme in wordpress on localhost

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Today we are going to learn how to install a WordPress theme. So basically the WordPress theme is a set of template files.

We can install it like software and customize the design from the WordPress dashboard.


Themes are the rope of WordPress. Without themes, you can’t display any graphical interface or design in front of your users.

The default WordPress theme has already been installed automatically when you install a new WordPress.

Which technology is used to create a WordPress Theme?

WordPress themes are developed using PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), HTML (HyperText Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) and Javascript.

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Premium vs Free themes – Which themes are the best for use?

Learn how to install a wordpress theme
  1. Free Themes – Should you use free themes?

Though free themes are too good, But you can’t use amazing functionality and benefits. So always try to buy a Pro version.

  1. Premium Themes – Why must you use a premium theme?

Premium themes are more valuable than a free version. That’s the reason you should always use pro version themes. If you get stuck somewhere, then you can ask for help from the premium support team any time.

Which theme are we going to install in this tutorial?

Sydney is a beautiful WordPress theme. Both a free and pro version is available. In this tutorial, I’m going to use a free version of this theme.

sydney theme demo image


We can customize everything in the Sydney theme. Like access to all Google Fonts, full-colour control, layout control, logo upload, full-screen slider, header image, sticker navigation and much more. You can create an engaging front page with Sydney’s construction blocks.

Let’s install a WordPress theme.

First of all, follow this link and download the Sydney theme.

Login to your WordPress dashboard

Login to your WordPress dashboard. If you have not installed WordPress yet, then you can follow my tutorial on how to install the WordPress on the local server.

Let’s install our theme

wordpress dashboard hovering on menu

After logging into your admin area (WordPress Dashboard) go to Appearance > Themes and click on the Add New button from the top left of the page.

wordpress themes dashboard

If you click on the Add New button, the page will redirect you to the upload themes page. Now you will see the Upload Theme button click on this button. You can see that the Choose file option will appear. At this place, you have two options first, direct drag your zip file from your computer here and the second option is, click on the Choose File button and a window will open to select your theme’s zip file.

add new wordpress theme in dashboard

Now select your theme file and click on the Open file. Instantly you can install the theme by clicking on the Install Now button. Sit back and relax you no need to do anything and everything will be done by WordPress now.

If your theme is successfully installed you can see three options.

installing wordpress theme in dashbboard
  1. Live Preview
  2. Activate
  3. Return to Themes Page

With the Live Preview option, you can view a preview of your theme without initiating the theme. Using the second choice you can activate your recently installed theme. The final option is to bring you back to the themes page.


I hope you can now install any WordPress themes very easily and you will understand the difference between Premium and Free themes. In the end, thank you for reading this article. If this article helps you somewhere, then please buy me a cup of coffee by sharing this post with your friends and keep reading on BinaryCod.

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