How To Become A Programmer – 20 Motivational Tips

Everyone wants to become a good programmer in modern time. Some people reach their goals, and some others are left their ride in the middle of the road because of a lack of motivation.

People who positively want to grow as a professional developer, every time try to find some motivation when he or she get demotivated.

So in this blog post, I will try to share some motivational tips, which can help you to overcome your demotivation and help you to achieve your goals.

Let’s begin

1. Never Stop Learning


Keep learning no matter, what happens, you should never stop learning.

Some of us, stop learning after some days of the beginning because we are failed to run our very first programme correctly.

You will face this type of problems every day, and you should not run away from them, rather you should learn from your mistakes.

2. Start Slow But Strong

You can not become a master programmer overnight. You should start learning gradually but an effective way.

If you want to build your strength on programming, then you should start solving puzzles and other related things that will surely boost your logical thinking.

3. Learn From Your Mistakes


Whenever your code throws any syntax error, you should don’t worry about that error rather you should happily debug your code, line by line. Because a failure will help you as much as no one can do to achieve your goals.

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Whenever you encounter an error, you should understand that time has come to learn something unique. You should realize that this error is not come to overthrow me rather than he wants to teach me something different.

4. Wireframe and Flowchart

You should try to understand Wire framing and Flowchart and, then create a flowchart for your application that will help you to understand and remember how your application work.

If you start reading any existing flowcharts on the internet, then surely you will begin to see results and getting new ideas or task for practice.

5. Do Not Forget To Get Things Done

Always complete your work or tasks. If you do all your practice regular, it will become a good habit of you.

6. Learn How To Google and Join Online Communities

You should Learn How To Google because sometimes you get stuck and don’t know how to solve this nightmare error.

Google has solutions to all of your problems, but you should not take advantage of solving every error of your code by the help of Google.

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You must join online communities related to programmings like Stack overflow, and GitHub. Here you can ask questions related to your error anytime from Stack overflow and GitHub experts.

7. Learn Your Tools Thoroughly


First, pick one programming language and learn every tool that will help you to become a master in that programming language.

Focus on one language at a time because you are not an Ironman even Ironman also focus on one task at a time if I’m not wrong. I’m just joking, please don’t mind (Ironman Fans).

8. Always Stick To One Task At A Time

You should always try to complete one task at a time. Do not start another task until you complete pending assignments.

It’s a good practice, and if you follow this, then you can give your best.

9. Programmers Fail Most Of The Time

If you fail almost every day and thinking that is am I the only person that fail every day in my life of programming.

If yes, then you are entirely wrong because everyone who learns something new failed sometime in his life.
In reality, you do not fail rather you learn, a new thing from your failure.

10. Stay Away From People Who Demotivates You

People who demotivate you, please stay away from these type of people’s. Don’t listen to any stupid advice that breaks you and encourages you to leave programming.
They advise you and try to demotivate you because they already failed to achieve their goals.

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You will meet some people that can give you the best advice also. Because they are a failure, but they have already learned a lot of new things from his defeat, and they can definitely guide you to become a better programmer.

Some more bonus tips for you

  1. Write Tests As You Code
  2. Plan Your Code Before You Write It
  3. Write Lots Of Code and Have It Reviewed
  4. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help
  5. Different People Find Different Things Easy
  6. Everyone Is Zero At The Time Of Starting
  7. Read A Lot Of Code to be a programmer
  8. Get A Mentor
  9. Never Ever Give Up
  10. Take a break and do code again


I hope you again stand up and do code after reading this blog post. What you do to overcome whenever you feel demotivated. Please share your motivational tips in the comments section. If this article helps you to stay motivated in your journey of become a programmer then, please share this post with your friends.

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