best youtube channels to learn code

YouTube channels that can help you to learn code

There are two different types of learning one is, practical learning and another one is theoretical. Most people learn new things fast if they do it practically or teaches them practically. How you like to learn code? and do you preferred YouTube channels to learn code?

If you find yourself comfortable in learning programming by the help of video lessons then, in this blog post, I will try to share top youtube channels that can help you to learn code.

These YouTube channels will teach you top programming languages by practical examples and help you to learn frontend development, backend development, and mobile app development.

Also, some YouTube channels will provide you video content on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Let’s find out which channel is best for you as a programmer.

1. Derek Banas

derek banas youtuber to teach code

Derek Banas is one of the best channels that can teach you everything that you want to learn. If you want to learn coding and cooking at one place then, Derek Banas is the best YouTube channel for you.

Derek Banas provides tutorials of everything that you want like PHP, Java, C Programming, Python, Game Development, C++, Android, and Javascript.

Currently, this channel has 949K subscribers and 1000+ videos in different programming languages that make this channel more trustable YouTube channel for programmers.

You can also watch live streams of Derek Banas, and you can request for videos as per your need.

2. Traversy Media

best youtube channel to learn code

If you want to learn web design and development then, Traversy Media is the best youtube channel to learn to programming.

You can watch about 700 videos on this channel of different programming languages and web design technology videos including CSS frameworks, Sass and HTML.

Traversy Media provides you videos of Zend, PHP, Codeigniter, Laravel, Node.js, Angular, Vanilla Javascript, and Vue.js.

3. Programming with Mosh

youtube channels to learn code

On this YouTube channel, you can learn Javascript, Node.js, TypeScript, Redux, Backbone.js, Angular, Python and C#. Mosh provides you 100+ programming videos in above languages.

This channel has the trust of +400K users. If you like Mosh’s teaching method and understand their programming videos then, you can buy coding courses direct from their website. Here you can enroll in 20+ programming courses and become a full stack developer.

4. TheNewBoston

best channels to learn code

TheNewBoston channel is a sea for programmers because you can watch tons of programming videos on this channel.

About 4000+ videos and +2M subscribers this channel is one of the best YouTube channels for you to learn code.

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But sadly, Bucky is not uploading new videos anymore on TheNewBoston channel. But the good news is, you can still watch programming videos on this channel right now in 2019.

I know, the content of TheNewBoston channel has become outdated and the technology has gone ahead.

If you want to build your strength on programming and logical thinking then, these videos, can still worthy for you in 2019.

5. Kudvenkat


Kudvenkat provides you almost 1400+ videos of programming in English and Arabic language of, C#, Angular, Java, Bootstrap, and Javascript.

This channel upload videos almost every day or week. If you want to learn then, this channel will help you to learn this language well.

If you want to learn SQL language and desire to learn how to communicate with a database then, Kudvenkat channel gives you 100+ beginner level videos of SQL language.

6. DevTips

devtips-logo youtube channels to learn code

DevTips is also one of the top youtube channels for computer science tutorials.

This channel was started in 2013 by Travis Neilson for the purpose of helping the community of programmers and developers.

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Travis Neilson has left DevTips recently, and now David and MPJ are run this channel together.

7. The Coding Train

the coding train logo

Do you like coding challenge?. If you want programming challenges every week then, this YouTube channel is best for you to watch weekly new challenges.

The challenge Type: A challenge can be creating a simple game or other shapes using p5 js in a limited time.

You can learn about P5 js and neural networks and machine learning on The Coding Train channel. Also, you can get knowledge of physics simulation, computer vision, and data visualization on this YouTube channel.

You must visit this channel every week for the latest videos of programming and coding challenges.

8. Alessandro Castellani

castellani logo

This channel mostly covered WordPress video tutorials. If you want to learn WordPress and want to create your own WordPress theme then, Alessandro Castellani help you to achieve your goals.

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You can watch videos of how to create a WordPress plugin from scratch. Here you can find about 60+ videos for making a WordPress plugin for your brand new website.

9. CS Dojo

cs dojo logo youtube channels to learn code

CS Dojo is the best channel for you to learn problem-solving techniques and learn about interview questions of top IT companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

You should subscribe to this channel if you want to learn some basics of Python language and Data structures.

10. Angga Risky

angga risky logo

If you are an Android Developer and want to learn Android UI design concepts with UI animation then, Angga Risky is outstanding YouTube channel for Android Studio tutorials.

Angga Risky will first create a UI design of the app in Adobe XD, and after that, he will teach you how to implement that design in a real-world app using Android Studio.

Angga Risky is absolutely a pro app UI designer that will help you too, to become an Android app UI designer.

Here you can find tons of Web Design, HTML & CSS, and Adobe XD tutorials.

Also, some bonus YouTube channels that you can have a look.


I hope you will like this list of top YouTube channels to learn code. Please do share that which YouTube channel most you like to learn code.

If you are not watching any YouTube channels of programming yet then, which one is your favorite from the above list.

Please share your opinion in the comments section and don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends.

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