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Best Coding Challenge Websites For Intermediates

Are you a beginner or intermediate programmer?. Do you love new coding challenges and quizzes to become a better developer in 2019? In this article or blog post, we are going to discuss coding challenge websites.

These sites help you to challenge yourself in 10 to 50 different programming languages, and you can also prepare for your interview on certain websites.

After practicing and take challenges on those websites you can surely become a full-stack developer. You can take challenges in some most popular programming languages like Python, Javascript, Java, and TypeScript.

So let’s explore some cool websites for coding experiments.

1. Codewars

Popular Coding Challenge Websites

Codewars lets you practice in 40+ programming languages with including some most popular Python, Kotlin, Go, and Java. It is provide you in-built code editor to solve challenges within the website.

When the first time you will visit this website then, Codewars will ask to complete a challenge in your preferred language to prove your skills. If you don’t want to take any programming quiz then, you can skip this and log in directly.

When you complete more and more tasks, Codewars will give you points as an Honor, and if more Honor you have then, you will rank higher than other users.

2. Coderbyte

best sites to practice programming

On Coderbyte, you can challenge yourself in 10 programming languages also you can check out Coderbyte’s tutorials related to programming and take a look at some useful interview questions that can be asked you by many fortune companies during your interview sessions.

You can solve 200+ coding challenges on Coderbyte, and along with these challenges, Coderbyte also provides you amazing courses to gain some knowledge in Algorithms & Data Structures and Web Development.

Coderbyte provides a platform for you to prepare for different coding boot camps. You can boost your knowledge for 6+ coding boot camps on Coderbyte.

3. SoloLearn

online coding practice

SoloLearn is one of the best coding challenge sites. You can improve your skills of HTML, CSS, SQL along with Java, Python, Swift, Ruby and many other languages free.

Here you can learn to programme with millions of users, and also you can challenge them in different programming languages. If you won any challenge then, SoloLearn gives you XPs as an award.

SoloLearn have apps for both platforms Android and iOS.

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What can you do in SoloLearn mobile app?

  • You can check who challenged you
  • Randomly you can challenge anyone
  • You can write a code from your phone
  • SoloLearn provides you some best teaser’s direct in your app’s feed.
  • You can write and check the output of your code within this app
  • SoloLearn lets you join to programming forums inside their app, and there you can ask questions related to programming.
  • If you enjoy Python language then, you will definitely, prefer online python coding challenges in SoloLearn App.

4. TopCoder

online python coding challenges

If you want to get noticed yourself by one of the biggest tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and many others then,

TopCoder is one of the most popular coding challenge websites to grab attention.

TopCoder is a website that typically used for preparing competitive programming contests. This website provides you monthly or weekly challenges, and if you complete one of the tests then, you can earn money.

If you join more crowdsourcing challenges then, more you can earn Topcoder rating also make some money, build your skills and collaborate with experienced community members.

5. CodeChef


CodeChef is one of the best sites to practice programming. It is an Indian-based coding challenge website founded by Bhavin Turakhia in the year 2009.

Here you can win prizes by joining programming contests and completing them.

You can also host your individual competitions on this website while many institutes and colleges use the CodeChef platform to host their programming games.

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6. CodinGame

codingame best coding challenge websites

Do you love playing games? CodinGame is a platform where you can practice or build new skills by solving puzzles and playing games.

CodinGame is the largest online coding practice website where you can learn new things with the fun of different games, and you can also create your clever puzzles on CodinGame.

Here on CodinGame, you can create job opportunities by doing practice and joining the community.

If you start solving problems on CodinGame then, definitely your mind will begin to think logically and fast because CodinGame teaches you how to think fast and in a logical way.

It is the best thing for you when you learn something new with fun and destroy your enemies using the bots that you created during your gaming sessions or exercise.

7. HackerRank

hackerrank best website for coding challenges

With covering 5 million developers, HackerRank can also a good option for you to increase your knowledge and for getting more challenges in your preferred programming languages.

HackerRank gives you, an opportunity to get hired by recruiters and managers. HackerRank helps recruiters to find the best developers that can able to solve complex problems.

On HackerRank, you will get new challenges every week, as you solved a question and as the week progresses the level of complexity increases.

You can answer these questions in the current week. If you want to compete with other users then, you should join HourRank 20 (60 minutes coding challenge).

Do you want to become a paid contributor of HackerRank? then, you merely need to complete their support form to suggest your challenge.

8. HackerEarth

hackerearth best coding challenge websites

This website is host hackathons for developers plus you can participate in coding challenges and competitions.

It is also provides you amazing programming tutorials and tests.

9. CodeForces


If you are an intermediate in the field of programming and you have good speed and accuracy then, CodeForces is one of the best coding challenge websites.

CodeForces provides you regularly contests, and it gives you a better opportunity to develop your skills by solving CodeForces’s number of problems from his ProblemSet.

You can also join CodeForces if you are a beginner, but it will take some time to improve your speed to resolve complex problems or challenges.

10. GeeksForGeeks

geeksforgeeks best coding challenge websites

GeeksForGeeks is another site for the coding practice. Here you will be able to find programming quizzes and articles for building coding skills and interview. Here you will find algorithms and data structures articles.

GeeksForGeeks also have a YouTube channel with 150,000+ subscribers and more than 1000+ programming videos.

If you join GeeksForGeeks portal then, you will definitely crack your interviews.


In this blog post, I have tried to give you a bit introduction of top coding challenge websites. If you are using other sites, please let me know in the comments section. I hope, you will get some help regarding these sites.

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