best apps for beginner level programmers and kids

Best Apps For Beginner Level Programmers And Kids

Like regular education, programming is also the most significant part of our life because we live in the age of digital and technology world that’s the reason why computer science is a valuable part of our living. In this blog post, I’m going to explore some best apps for beginner level programmers and kids.

These apps will help you to stay updated with programming questions, and some apps will help you to teach your children essential coding skills.

So, let’s have a look at these apps that which one is good for you and your kids.

1. Programming Hub: Learn To Code


Programming Hub provides you 10+ different programming languages with some higher languages like C, C++, C#, Python, and Java to learn code.

This app comes with the compiler, and the best thing is that this app does not place ads.

With 5000+ programming examples and 20+ courses in Programming Hub app, you can additionally purchase premium content.

Programming Hub helps you to dive into Artificial Intelligence with their AI course within this app.

2. Dcoder, Compiler IDE: Code and Programming on Mobile

dcoder app for beginner level programmers and kids

Dcoder helps you to code into 33+ top-level programming languages within your mobile device.

It is the best coding app where you can code in multiple programming languages, debug your code, you can select your favorite editor theme and increase or decrease the font size.

You don’t need to close parenthesis manually Dcoder app support autocomplete, and you can save your file whenever you want.

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So Dcoder can be your real code editor to write programmes without accessing desktop or laptop anywhere anytime.

3. SoloLearn

best apps for beginner level programmers and kids

SoloLearn is one of the best apps for the beginner. Here you can challenge other users and test your programming abilities in your desired language.

If you got stuck anywhere, you don’t need to worry about that because SoloLearn has a large world-wide community of top-level programmers.

They will surely help you to solve your problem and will explain in quite simple terms.

Like Dcoder, within SoloLearn app, you can also write your personal programmes and test them.

4. Programming Ideas 2

programming ideas 2 for programmers

If you are a beginner and want to do some small projects to boost your skills in a particular language then, Programming Ideas 2 is the best app for you.

Programming Ideas 2 has a long list of coding projects for beginner level programmers and intermediate programmers.

In this app, you can only get new project ideas, and you can’t get hints to complete any projects, or you can’t write and test your own codes within Programming Ideas 2 App.

It gives you about 175+ basic to hard projects ideas to test your abilities.

You can comment on any ideas and if you want to share your concepts besides on this app then, this app, give you the ability to share your own thought with the world.

5. Grasshopper

best apps for beginner level programmers and kids

If you want to start learning Javascript with fun and games then, why you don’t try Grasshopper once.

Grasshopper is one of the best Android apps for beginner level programmers that can help you to maximize your coding capabilities.

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You can learn how to write real-time Javascript with solving Visual puzzles and learn fundamentals of Javascript within Grasshopper app.

Best Apps For Your Kids To Teach Programming

1. Coding Planets

coding planets

Learning new things is fun and easy if they are available in your favorite genres, such as games and puzzles.

If you want to teach code to your kids with entertainment then, definitely it can be the best app for your kids to get started.

Coding Planets is an instructional game that requires your instructions as your coding to finish the game.

If you are struggling to set logic in programming then, Coding Planets app can help you to boost your logical mind by playing these brain exercise games.

2. Lightbot: Code Hour

lightbot game for kids

Lightbot also can be the best puzzle game for your kids to teach them basic concepts of programming. It is suitable for all age kids to explain how programming works.

The best thing is the free version of Lightbot provides you 20 levels to understand the basics of programming, how the loop works and much more. If you like this game then, you can go for its paid version, and in the paid version of this app, you can access 50 levels to do some brain exercise.

Even you can play this game in 28 different languages. So let your kids play this game.

3. SpriteBox: Code Hour

sprite box game for kids

Play games and learn Java. It’s satisfying for you to master the Java programming language by playing SpriteBox game.

Your kids can easily play this game, and you can say that this game much more looks like Mario game.

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In this programming game, you can play 20 levels of this game, I can surely say, that you and your kids will definitely love graphics of this game.

4. Circuit Scramble – Computer Logic Puzzles

circuit scramble

Circuit Scramble is a circuit based game. In this game, you will get game interface looks like computer motherboards where you need to find the right path to solve this puzzle.

In this game, you will get almost 100+ circuit based puzzle to solve and gain some knowledge about programming logic and concepts.

If you are able to solve all these puzzles then, you will definitely notice amazing improvements in your logic.

5. Coding Games For Kids – Learn To Code With Play

coding games for kids to learn code with play

In this app, you can teach your kids basic loops, and functions. Coding Games For Kids app will give you 700+ levels of the game.

If you want to teach your kids how they can do code with their real-life examples then, this game can help you.

It can be an easy game for your kids because they provide games similar to real-life like Little Firefighter, Monster Dentist, Garbage Truck, Pop The Balloons, Ice Cream Time and much more.

More Apps For Beginner Level Programmers

  1. Think & Learn Code-a-pillar
  2. Binary Challenge
  3. Learn Python Offline – Tutorial and Interpreter
  4. DataCamp – Learn R, Python, and SQL


I hope the list of best apps for beginner level programmers and kids will help you to find one of the best apps for you and your child.

That can help you to boost your programming skills and logical mind and can train you how to think like a programmer.

If I forget to mention one of the apps in this blog post, please let me know in the comments section, and if this post helps you somewhere then, please don’t forget to share this list with your friends on social media.

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