About Us

Welcome to BinaryCod. There is no place like
So let’s talk about binarycod.com. The motive behind to start binarycod is only one because I like programming and I want to help my community.

Many people want to learn Programming but they get stuck in his very first step. So as much as I keep knowledge of programming, I will share with you as much information. So let’s begin from my school.

When did I get my first computer?

I got my first computer in 10th class. Since then I have learned a lot of new things. after clearing the 12th class exam. I want to take a course in Web Design and web development.

So I set my mind to take a course and enroll in a 15-month diploma course in graphics, web design and web development.

When did I get my first job as a graphics designer?

When I have learned basic graphics designing I have started doing a job with newly learned skills. I was worked in graphic design for 1 year.

So friends now I hope you will know something about me. If you like this please keep in touch with BinaryCod.