9 useful wordpress plugin for beginners

9 Useful WordPress Plugins For Beginners in 2019

Are you thinking to start a WordPress website in 2019? In this article of 10 Useful WordPress Plugins For Beginners in 2019, I’m going to introduce you some excellent plugins for your WordPress website.

These plugins will help you in SEO, help to track your website’s insight, count your social media shares, and some plugins help to insert headers and footers in your WordPress website without accessing code.

I am already using 9 out of 10 plugins that I’m going to show you in this blog post. I have optimized my website’s content and speed with the help of these plugins only in 1 month.

As a beginner, I learned a lot of new things using these plugins. It’s maybe some time consuming for new bloggers to managing these plugins, but after some practice, you can use those plugins like a pro.

Useful WordPress Plugins For Beginners in 2019

Let’s commence

1. Yoast SEO

seo tool

Everybody wants to increase their website’s search ranking and traffic. It’s good practice to grow your website’s Google ranking.

If your Google ranking is good enough, then you can get more visitors on your website, and you will see that your brand value is increasing significantly fast.

Yoast SEO tool will help you to take down these milestones in a simple way.

Yoast is available in both free and paid versions. You can further access most of the features of this tool in the free version but, in a limited manner.

If you just recently started a new website, and you have no knowledge of how to use Yoast SEO tool then, you can try its free version and learn its basics.

So let’s talk about the Yoast SEO tool’s some best Features.

I’m going to describe 3 out of 8 features.

1. SEO analysis

SEO analysis feature lets help you to know where is mistakes in your content or text that can damage your search engine optimization. You can improve your content’s SEO score using this feature.

2. Readability analysis

Suppose your content is too lengthy and you forget to divide them into short paragraphs then Readability analysis tool will help you to format your content that a user can read and understand.

You can change your text structure in a human readability manner by using Readability analysis feature.

3. XML sitemaps

XML sitemap feature helps you to enable the XML sitemaps that Yoast SEO generates for your website. Whenever you create a new post or page, then XML sitemap feature automatically updates your sitemap.

You don’t need to update it manually because Yoast does it for you dynamically whenever you create a new post or page.

2. WP Forms – Build Awesome Forms

form plugin

WPForms lets you build a user-friendly contact form for your WordPress websites. You must try WPForms because you want that your users will get in touch.

Without writing a bunch lines of code, You can create forms by just drag & drop. You can build contact forms, email subscription forms, online booking forms, debit forms, questionnaires, votes.

WPForms is a mobile-friendly plugin that works very well in every screen size devices like Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Phones.
If you want to embed forms in one of your blog posts, pages, and sidebar widgets then, you can do it with WPForms.

WPForms plugin comes with predefined form template, and you can save your lot of time and effort instead of creating a form from scratch.

If you want to collect payments from your customers then, you can use WPForms PayPal and Stripe add-ons.

3. MonsterInsights – Track Your Users Actions

useful wordpress plugin for track users

Want to track how and what your visitors do on your websites then, MonsterInsights is a better choice for you to track your visitors and increase traffic on your website.

More than 2 million WordPress users are using MonsterInsights including some big fortune companies PlayStation, Microsoft, Bloomberg, FedEx, and wpbeginner.

By using MonsterInsights plugin, you can check users sessions, a number of page views, average session duration and even you can also track bounce rate which means a person leaves your website from the landing page without browsing any further.

You can track, which the user is a returning user and which one is new. Even you can check that your website visitors are done their sessions using which type of device.

Best thing to use MonsterInsights is, you can track all statistics of your website in your WordPress dashboard.

4. Pretty Links Pro

pretty links pro

When you think to share affiliate product links, but every time you are stuck because these links are too long, ugly, not easily readable and not rememberable.

Pretty Links Pro comes into action to solve your problems of ugly and long URLs by converting them in short URLs.

PLP (Pretty Links Pro) is the best plugin for affiliate marketers and podcasters. You can maintain your social platform links and redirect associate links much simpler.

Pretty Links Pro gives you the ability to arrange, sort, search, and track clicks for your links.

So try this plugin once and keep your ugly URLs readable, sort and manageable.

5. Shared Counts – Share Your Posts On Social Media

share on social media

Shared counts are one of the best plugins for social media sharing. This plugin is easy to use, and you can implement Shared Counts before and after your content.

Even you can set these social media buttons within your content by using this shortcode


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This plugin shows you your social media share counts and does not use cookies, tracking scripts, or save any user data.

If you want to see Shared Counts plugin in action then, you can see it on my website at the beginning of any blog post.

6. Insert Headers and Footers

userful wordpress plugin for insert headers and footers

IHF (Insert Headers and Footers) is a lifesaver plugin for those who are not a technical expert to Insert Headers and Footers manually by accessing theme files. You can insert any code or script, by just copy and pasting.

You can further add and update custom CSS and Facebook Pixel code direct from Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

I also use this plugin, and I am very thankful for its developers Syed Balkhi and WPBeginner team.

7. WP Super Cache

super caching tool

The number 7 plugin in our listing of 9 useful WordPress plugins for beginners is WP Super Cache. your website’s speed is most important to engage your users in 2019. You can increase your website speed using the WP Super Cache plugin because this plugin generates static HTML files of your active WordPress blog or site.

And when your web server processes HTML files, instead of complex PHP files, then it usually improves your web speed.

You don’t need to do any hard work to improve your web speed when WP Super Cache is available.

8. Autoptimize – Optimize your WordPress Speed

optimize your website

Here Autoptimize is another speed improver candidate for your website like WP Super Cache. Autoptimize helps you to defer script and CSS to boost your web speed.

You can optimize Google fonts, Images, and even you can remove WordPress emojis.

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The Autoptimize plugin lets you minify HTML, Javascript code and defers other scripts to the footer and helps to enhance your web speed.

Autoptimize helps you to add expiry headers. I’m using this plugin on the current website, and I can see my web speed improves after configuring this plugin.

9. WP Smushit – Compress Images

best wordpress plugins for beginners

Are you struggling to reduce your website’s images load time?
WP Smushit can definitely be your friend to reduce image loading time.

This plugin helps you to compress images, resize an image, and enable lazy loading for your pictures.

If you want to get more details about WP Smushit, then please visit this link.


So I hope this article of useful WordPress plugins for beginners will be helpful to you. You can improve your website ranking, Speed, Track users actions, create pretty links, build impressive form, and share content on social media.

If these plugins help you somewhere, please do share this post with your friends. And if I forget any plugin in this article, then you can let me in the comments section.

If you don’t mind, please share your views in comments that which WordPress plugin is most useful for your website or business.

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